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So Not A Gamer Game Reviews

Game reviews for us button mashers

I am so not a gamer
29 April
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Me? I'm not a gamer. Or so I tell myself. Because I suck at gaming (that, and most "gamers" make me want to run screaming in the opposite direction). But all my friends are gamers, somehow, so I've been sucked into the gaming world kicking and screaming.

So what's an un-gamer to do when facing tons of games, but only game reviews that seem to piss all over the very things a relative non-gamer actually likes about some games, as well as act like female gamers don't exist?

Why, write her own reviews! And so, that's what this is: So Not a Gamer's Game Reviews: reviews of games based on the POV of someone who thinks button mashing is a perfectly acceptable way to play a game, so long as you win. (If they can even be called "reviews" per se, more like my ranting and/or love fests over a game.)

Updates are whenever the hell I finish a game. >XD

Currently playing: Tales of Vesperia (PS3)